Our Secret


It’s not so much a “Secret” as it is our uniqueness. However, we do like to think we have a little secret sauce in the way we do things here at the Christian CEO Institute that separates us from other “CEO Roundtables”.  We are a local Dallas, TX area-based membership that straddles ministry and business in a very personal and unique way.

We are blessed here in the DFW Metroplex with tons of great Christian churches that accurately teach and preach the Word of God, faithfully week in and week out. Many have amazing Men’s and Women’s ministries. Quite a few have really great home or community groups. And, there are many excellent secular business networking organizations. So, why the need for the Christian CEO Institute?

While all of the above is true, there is a huge gap if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, or the chief executive of a company or organization… and a Christian. As business leaders, we have unique issues, challenges, and problems we face that others (who are not like us) just don’t have or understand. Here’s an “out there” example to make the point… Suppose you are an astronaut and have flown to the moon on a space shuttle. What you have seen and experienced can never be fully appreciated or understood unless you are also an astronaut and have been to the moon.

Same goes for us as Christian business leaders. Unless you are one, sorry, you just won’t ever fully understand or appreciate what our lives are like and the issues and challenges we face. We all know and have experienced as Christian business leaders the “deer in the headlight” looks we get when we try in a Bible study group or a church home group to talk about “our day” or what we are facing as a leader. So, we just don’t share and we keep our thoughts and problems to ourselves… only to face those challenges, alone, again.

Not so here at the Christian CEO Institute! In our small groups of 7-8 business owners, entrepreneurs, and C-Level executives, we meet monthly to face the challenges we uniquely face. Especially as Christian business leaders, which compounds our unique challenges. Each group stays together with the same members so that over time deep bonds of trust and respect are built. We learn all the ins-and-outs of each other’s businesses and lives so that we are better able to help one another in ways nobody else possibly could. We help each other solve problems, we make recommendations, we offer ideas, we pass along references and resources, we offer wisdom from our own experiences. And, most importantly, we pray for each other. If that sounds like something that might interest you, come check us out.

Please feel free to contact Dave Foran, President, at (214) 890-9925 for more information on the Christian CEO Institute and to explore if membership would be right for you.